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The MOP Group

Michael Olsen & Partnere A/S was founded in 1987 by the present major shareholder Michael Olsen. From the beginning, the company specialised in debt collection on cars, with clients being among the biggest financial institutions and banks in Denmark.

Business expanded over the years as clients requirements changed, and different services developed. Today, the company owns a number of subsidiaries working with areas like debt collection, legal advice, and physical auditing.

The main office is located in Copenhagen where management and administration is situated.


Feel free to contact us for any inquiries. Our office hours are Mon–Thu 8:30–16:30 and Fri 8:30–16:00.

Main office address: Tempovej 27, 1. tv., 2750 Ballerup

Phone: 44 64 15 10

Fax: 44 64 05 10

Email: [email protected]


MOP Floorcheck is part of the MOP Group. We have provided physical audits on behalf of financial institutions and importers since 1998, primarily auditing cars, caravans, motorcycles, and boats. We currently operate within Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden, performing more than 700 audits every month.

Since 1998, we have specialised in physical audits, handling more than 2,800 dealerships in the Nordic countries for prominent car importers and financial institutions.

Audits are monitored and planned from our office in Copenhagen, which also handles day-to-day contact with our clients as well as the requested reporting.

We handle physical audits on cars, trucks, caravans, motorcycles, boats, and industrial machinery, but we are open to new challenges too!

For more information, visit MOPFloorcheck.com.


Michael Olsen & Partnere Inkasso offers market-leading debt collection solutions to the financial sector.

Our clients include banks, credit institutes, financing and insurance companies - businesses that have chosen us because they in addition to high expectations for the collection also have great interest in the means behind the result.

In cooperation with our attorney partner, Dansk Advokat Inkasso, MOP Inkasso takes care of the entire collection process from sending notices to handling court proceedings. Additionally, we monitor payment agreements and negotiations with debtors and their counsellors.

By combining MOP Inkasso’s proactive debt collection efforts with the attorney office’s legal competence and high standard of ethics, we are able to deliver both effective case management and high collection rates.

Besides recovering our clients’ assets, we counsel concerning debt collection and related topics in connection with implementing new laws, adjusting internal collection procedures etc.

We insist on close communication with our clients so we together can create the exact collection product that fits specific needs.

For inquiries, contact Patrick Olsen at [email protected] or by phone at 44 64 15 10.